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Monday, March 07, 2005

Mum..i miss u..

I was studying for my CPM test this morning , and suddendly my handphone rang..I recognize the number..Public Bank Berhad , Klang branch number..Answered the fon..My mum asked me whether i was bz at that time. Told her i was studying for my test..She said that she doesnt call me because she doesnt wanna disturb me studying..She know i'm busy since i'm in my final year..She asked me why i dont call her anymore..not even miscall her phone..I dont know what to tell the truth..that i've spend my weekend with ajib instead with my tell her i spent my credits on ajib rather than calling or messaging her..gawd..

The reason she call me was due to my sms before that..i asked her whether i can borrow her RM100, coz i need money to buy new color ink cartridge..and am broke for the time being. The reason i'm broke is because i spent my money on reloads which is a bad habit of mine. My mum said she will credit RM200 or more than that to my account. I told her that i want to borrow only RM100 , not more than that. My mum sternly said , 'aper pinjam2 nih..mak bagi..kenapa tak call mak? kenapa tak cakap ngan abah zana xder duit?'. I was like..hmm..been spending my money the wrong way..spent it totally the opposite of mum(though ppl said i look EXACTLY like her). She saves her money , i dont..she budget her spending , i dont..*sigh*

So..i kept my mouth shut. I'm afraid of telling her the truth..spent my money on reloads..and fuel money when i was out with ajib..she will go berserk and start asking many questions which i'm sure i wont be able to answer..

She wished me good luck for the test..and said she love me..My mum..Zubaidah Mohamed..said she love u too mum ..i love u so much..i just dont know how to express it. I know i'm not as good as jasmin in terms of treading elder ppl..i dont know how to please you..i love you mum..miss u so much..

Monday, February 28, 2005

Ajib came to UTP :)

aloha..guess what..ajib was here..he came to perak last saturday , 26th february gilak!..first , i pick him up at medan gopeng.then we went to jusco ,had lunch..jalan2 kejap..then beli tiket midnite ,citer shall we dance (j.lo and richard gere). Around 5pm ,drove back to utp.Gave ajib le tour de UTP...went to the v4 kopetro to buy soap and toothpaste for him. I asked him to bathe at maliki's house , but he insist to bathe at the masjid's toilet..My bf pemalu sangat..Then, after magrib, we had dinner at v3 cafe..had chicken chop..tak abis pun..sbb besar sangat..The next activity..went to JUSCO!!.. before masuk jusco , lepak kat Salam..then gi TGV..
best giler citer shall we dance..soooo sweet..and jlo mantap giler..she is superb..really love it when she dance..then after the lepak salam balik...around 3 , we went to padang ipoh..lepak there..borak2..then at 4 , drove back to utp...then drove back to ipoh..on the way back to ipoh..a police car asked us to pull over..he said,'kami ikut dr blkg td..awak langgar lampu merah.'. i was like, what the hell..i said,'sejak biler pulak saya langgar lampu merah, biler tiba suma lampu merah saya berhenti.'. He took my driving license and ajib's IC..he went to his friend in the police car..then tetiba dia datang balik to my car , returned my license and ajib's ic hastily and said,'xpelah2..'. The policeman ran back to the police car, and his friend bawak laju giler after that. Bodoh giler...nak saman lah tu..nak pau org..bodoh..geram tull..Then , gi lepak salam balik..til 6..drove back to utp..lepak kat petronas kiosk , taman maju..ajib solat subuh there..nasib baik ada surau..then drove back to utp at 8.30 am..dropped him at the mosque..i went back to my room...bathe..i asked him to rest for a while.. at 9.30 , i msg him..he didnt reply...i called him..he didnt answer the call either..guess what, i went to the mosque and found him sleeping soundly..sian ajib..kepenatan.. i woke him up , and then we went to medan gopeng..his ticket nak balik shah alam is at 11.45 am..Masa tunggu bus tu..muka ajib buruk giler...mata dia merah..i rasa leher dia panas..i bought panadol for him and force him to take the panadol..then after dia dah naik bas , i msged him, asked him to take the panadol again after dinner..he said that he is not having any fever, it's just that he was holding back his tears..i was shock..i didnt expect him to cry..

i really enjoyed the time we spent together..he's the best.. i really hope he is the right one..ameen..

Friday, February 25, 2005

kung fu fighting~!!

aaa..penat..tkd demo training td abis kul 12.15...penatnyaaa..minggu depan, hari2 ader demo training..10pm-12 ..giler aper..mahu kasik buntut guwe sakit yaaa..kick sana..kick sini...demo is on next friday.tolong la cepat abis ini demo , sudah tidak tahan sama trainingnyaa..

ajib is coming to UTP this saturday,february 26th :) only word in my mind now..muahaahaha...

ni nak anto msg pun xleh nih..celcom bedoh(lynn's word)..adei laa..stressnya..

oklah..x larat nak menaip..buntutku sakit..muscle pull..suma cukup..wargh

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Buntutku sakit~~

Ohayo gozaimasu~~ another new day...gawd..something happened yesterday..suZze breakdance di toilet..huhu..Baru masuk bilik air, then nak pakai selipar toilet..sekali tergelincir..tangan dah terkapai2 dah..nasib baik sempat tahan dgn tangan kiri..terhentak sikit kat buntut kiri..sakitt...kalau la tak sempat tahan dgn tangan , confirm terhentak kepala..then suZze bertambah weng..Semalam kena gelak ngan my roomie sbb asik complain my butt sakitt..nak kena cik suhaili baba nih.. :P Masa buat assg ngan baby and lee pun mcm org cacat..xleh dok diam..sbb buntut sakit..

anyway , skrg dah okay skit..butt je sakit skit..hehe..told ajib about it , and he said,'Masa kat umah ari tu tergelincir gak kan? masa sidai baju , su jatuh terhentak belah kanan.Ni su terhentak belah kiri plak..nak kasik balance ek?' Hampes tul..ingat kita suka2 ker nak breakdance kat tempat licin..kasihanilah saya...waaaa...

This morning ajib gave me an sms ,he ask me to go to the clinic kalau sakit sgt..dont worry tok gerondong..suZze comel lagi macho..dont have to go to clinic..nak berlagak jugak tuh..ahahhaa..sekian laporan..

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


aloha....konichiwa..afternoon~ lalalala~hmm..last nite ader meeting cpm the developer for our system were late to the max..40 minutes too late..i was like..what the heckk..had a brief meeting , then i went for my tkd demo training..this training pun start lambat gak..10.30 baru start..y cant ppl just be on time? dont they ever think about other ppl's time? Hampeh tul.. finish tkd demo training at 11.40pm..sampai jer bilik..dah rasa nak pengsan dah..ngantuk bangat...planned to do the finance exercise , end up borak2 ngan my rumet terchenta and dozed off..end up i didnt go to CVID class this morning.The class was at 8am..and cant woke up..badan penat gilak..

Went to finance class dgn perasaan takut..sbb exercise tak siap..luckily mr lai discussed most of the questions..thank god..was scared if he asked student to solve the

my parcel tak sampe2 lagi..adei tkd my tkd uniform..esok gi check balik kat need of it.. bak kata aeza,'camner akak nak berkangkangan kalau pakai trackbottom jer?kang koyak suar'.. true that..

fuh..task to be done..update notes, basuh baju , buat exercise finance ,briskwalking , go to pasar malam, and meeting cpm..hmm tu je kot for the time being..wah!

chaloz bebeh..

-suZze comel-

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

bestnya cuti cny

Hehe..went back for cny hols ..balik2 jer terus dating ngan ajib..bestnya~~ date ngan dia on tuesday , thursday , friday and saturday.On sunday , sempat jumpa ajib before balik tak ingat..best2..During the cny hols ,my siblings pau me.. hmm..i think i spent RM20/ that total up to RM120 since i have 6 adik..wahh..dah la harga buku mahal sem ni..seriously expensive..

Really enjoyed myself during the cny hols...puas jumpa adik- adik..and ajib of course ;p lepas rindu jumpa ismaill..uhuhu..dapat cium ismail puas2..sakat jasmin...peluk sofia..ketuk2 khairin and serenna ..and of course , buli othman..

makan tak ingat..langgar all the pantang larang..i stuffed myself.. masa baru balik ari tu my mum buat bbq..then the next day..bbq lagi..wargh..nikmatnya makan..i think i had kfc for a couple of days last week..gawd..

on sunday , celeb my 22nd bday(dah lepas pun)..just had a small makan2 and baca doa selamat..hehe..dah 22..tua nya suZze tetap comell~~ lalalalala~~

xleh nak update blog ni daily.not sure whether its the network or it is my comp yang lembab..better get ready for my cpm meeting then ..then ader taekwondo plak..laters~

-suZze chumel -

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Gawd...dh la puasa siang td..then gi kelas..panas~~..malam ader taekwondo plak..guess what.starting after chinese new year , here is the schedule of my taekwondo activities.

Monday (10pm-11.30pm) - Taekwondo Training
Tuesday (10pm-11.30pm) - Demo Training
Friday (10pm-11.30pm) - Taekwondo Training
Saturday (5.30pm-7.00pm) - Demo Training
Sunday (5.30pm-7.00pm) - Demo Training

Pengsan~serius akan kepengsanan...Nasib baik demo is on 4th March , so i guess 2 or 3 weeks je schedule taekwondo camtu.Kalau til the end of the semester, can die one..Td taekwondo class abis kul 10.40pm, then gi makan..makan nasik lemak plak tu..tapau kat mamak dgn Q ..sedapnya teh ais mamak..dah lama x minum..huhu..Then ader meeting cpm plak..then call my cik abang~ Ajib Kacak...cian dia..kepenatan..siang td banyak keje kat workshop..

My bro , Taymen msg me...he said an acquaintance of him sounds like me..i mean , masa dia call , and lepas dengar suara minah tu..dia ingat dia salah call org..dia ingat he called me, padahal he called the right person..hehe..jodoh u mmg ngan org yang suaranya mcm mine kot :P

So, lepas ni kena kemas barang..pagi nnt kena check keta , then buat assg cpm..then gi kelas..then ...BALIKKK ..yeay~~ bestnya..nak jumpa Ajib~ :) suZze comel gatal mode, lalalalala~~Hana dah pesan jangan gatal sgt masa dating..hehe...x gatal sgt , gatal skit jer :P Nak ajib~~